25 Reasons You Know It’s Preseason

  1. 1934. Cretzmeyer was known as "the runner...

    1934. Cretzmeyer was known as “the runner with glasses” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    You find yourself stalking people’s track results whenever you have Internet.

  2. Fartleks.
  3. While composing your Christmas list you realize everything you want is related to track. Trainers, brightest pair of spikes, spandex, etc.
  4. You spend an entire practice on block starts.
  5. Indian runs.
  6. You are hungry all the time from two-a-days.
  7. You are having to dodge footballs because it’s football season and your track wraps around the football field.
  8. Cross country.
  9. The thigh area of your pants is getting tighter and the waist area is getting bigger.
  10. A “day off” consists of being sore from the previous practice and dreading whatever brutal workout your coach has for you the next day.
  11. Hills.
  12. The workout you finally mastered at the end of last season is now your worst enemy again.
  13. Watching the newbies drop like flies during the “weed out” workouts.
  14. You learn that tires are multipurpose. They don’t JUST go on vehicles, they also get flipped.. by you.. at practice.
  15. Reps, reps, and more reps in the weight room.
  16. You get shin splints from running the loop around your school.
  17. Turbo jav.
  18. You find yourself washing your hands whenever you are near a sink because your hands are so dirty from whatever crazy circuit your coach made up that day.
  19. You run every day….but you do field events.
  20. Grass vaulting.
  21. You have a countdown for when coach will finally let you bust out the throwing implements and pits.
  22. You don’t know what to wear to practice because in the morning it’s cold, but in the afternoon it’s hot.
  23. You look like a sweaty mess in class… sorry fellow students, we have to practice sometime.
  24. Ice baths become your favorite kind of bath.
  25. You have a countdown until indoor starts.