Dear Followers,

If you are a track and field athlete, runner, coach, parent, or track enthusiast–this page is for you. @Track_Probs Twitter handle was born in 2011 when I tore my ACL throwing javelin in college. On top of missing my outdoor season that year I also had to undergo surgery and physical therapy for months, missing out on special moments with my team. I originally created @Track_Probs as a way to vent about the issues I was going through as an injured track and field athlete. I quickly realized I was not alone. @Track_Probs connected me to thousands of fellow athletes who shared similar experiences. Thanks to you, @Track_Probs has grown to over 40,000 followers.

My vision for this blog is to contribute to the world of track and field through: inspirational articles about athletes and teams, educational information on strength and performance in our wonderful sport, discussion of topics that are relevant to the direction of our sport, and much more.

Thank you so much for your love, support, likes, and re-tweets over the years.


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