#ItsATrackThing: 20 Things Only Trackletes Truly Understand

lanes at Franklin High School track

lanes at Franklin High School track (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20. The worse nightmares contain thoughts about getting shin splints or stress fractures.

19. Trackletes know you don’t jump hurdles, you hurdle hurdles. You don’t throw the shot put, you put the shot. You don’t put spikes on your shoes, you put spikes on your spikes.

18. Fartlek-ing in public is completely normal and healthy.

17. “PRed” can legally be used as a verb (in the track world).

16. Dead last finish is greater than DNF.

15.  Middle distance events are like the middle child, awkward.

14. Up, on deck, and in the hole make complete sense to a tracklete.

13. Trackletes don’t waste time Facebook stalking like normal people. They study people on milesplit, tfrrs, direct athletics, etc.

12. That awkward moment when someone asks a tracklete what he or she plays.

11. Trackletes can convert the saying hop-skip-jump into an action.

10. It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing cold at a meet or blazing hot–trackletes warm up with warm ups on (said the coach).

9. Taking too much time away from track can lead to running withdrawals or restless leg syndrome.

8.  The Fosbury Flop is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

7. Telling a tracklete it’s outdoor season is like telling him or her that he or she won the lottery.

6.  The feeling (or lack of feeling) in a tracklete’s legs after he or she gave everything in a race.

5. Spring break really just means no class and more practice.

4. TRACK!!!!!!!!!!! = You are about to get trampled.

3. Hearing a baton hit the ground is WAY worse than nails on a chalkboard.

2. Ice baths feel incredibly amazing, tomorrow.

1. Track tans are the best tans.

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