The Next Level

In 2011 one of my friends who played soccer at the same university as me tweeted about her #soccerprobs. After clicking on her hashtag, I came across hundreds of hilarious tweets about, well, soccer problems. Ironically, I was icing my knee (post ACL reconstruction) after track practice when I decided to search for a “track probs” twitter handle. I was disappointed when I was unable to find what I was looking for, so I decided to start my own! Creating @track_probs was therapeutic for me. I was able to vent about all of the silly troubles of being a student athlete and also read about others going through the same things.

2 years, roughly 1800 tweets, and more than 37,000 followers later, @track_probs has exceeded my expectations. I am ready to move the twitter handle to the next level with this blog. I may tweet about annoying issues trackletes face (they are SPIKES not CLEATS #trackprobs), but I want to show the world that we are not just a group of complainers. This blog is designed to showcase, inspire, and contribute to the incredible (and highly underrated #trackprobs) sport of track and field.